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At FixMyWebsites we provide application support & bespoke 

web hosting for thousands of websites. Use us for quick 

one-time fixes, or partner with us for ongoing expert 

management & support.

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Expert Assistance

All engineers have a minimum three years experience as either website developers or hosting administrators.

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Everything included

We're totally honest and transparent: no hidden fees or hourly rates. Pricing is per task or per month. If you are unhappy, we'll refund you in full if we have not fixmywebsites your issue(s).

Any software

We work with WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, custom PHP & more. We support huge eCommerce sites, small personal blogs & everything in between.

Straightforward, all-inclusive pricing

Use for a single one-off task, or subscribe for unlimited tasks as well as hosting and maintenance. We pride ourselves on our honesty and efficiency: no tie-ins, setup fees or minimum contracts & absolutely no hidden charges.

Questions? Start a live chat or call us on (+44) 07856 283 673 

if you have any questions.

One-off Task

£49 FixMyWebsites Fee

Fix my site

Any website, any task – a single fix from our team of experts. We can start working on your website immediately.

  • Engineers & Developers available 24/7.
  • Any software, any host. WordPress
  • WooCommerce & Eshop software experts
  • We'll refund you in full if you aren't happy.


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Our famous maintenance & hosting service.


per month with annual billing. £39/mo if billed monthly.

Premium managed hosting, monitoring, backups, plugin updates, security & 24/7 developer support.

 Managed hosting


 Developer support


 Pro-active Security


Request unlimited website revisions and tasks.


per month with annual billing. £79/mo if billed monthly.

Our unlimited plan includes all the benefits of our Care plan, plus unlimited one-time tasks (usually £49 each)

 Managed hosting


 Developer support


 Pro-active Security

 Unlimited tasks


For business websites that need a strong tech team behind them.


per month with annual billing. £314/mo if billed monthly.

Your own optimised server, along with unlimited website tasks and our maintenance service.

 Dedicated hosting


 Developer support


 Pro-active Security

 Unlimited tasks

 Response SLA

 PCI compliant


Bespoke support & hosting for mission-critical websites.


per month with annual billing. £599/mo if billed monthly.

As with the business plan, but a powerful dedicated setup, account manager and a 24/7 10 minute industry leading SLA.

 Dedicated hosting


 Developer support


 Pro-active Security

 Unlimited tasks

10 minute SLA

 PCI compliant

 Account manager

See our full pricing details and bulk discounts information.

See our full pricing details and bulk discounts information.


Premium application support

As a team of engineers and developers focused on maintaining and fixing websites we are extremely good at carrying out tasks with applications such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart & others. Those may be fixes you need on something broken or revisions you require us to make for you.

  • We offer any task on a one-off basis for a fixmywebsites £49 fee. You don't need to host with us or have used us previously - just sign up online and an engineer will ask for the details they need and get started.
  • Our maintenance plans all include unlimited website fixes: if a site is broken, it is our job to fix it. Most customers choose to host with us and we ensure your site runs well at all times.
  • Our Unlimited plan and above also include unlimited one-off-tasks - you can use these for active changes you might want to make to a website such as a new page, a content change, a feature implementation.

We give a deeper explanation of our workflow, as well as a few dozen examples of tasks we can (or cannot) do, on our tasks overview page.

WordPress specialists

We've been working with WordPress since its beginning and we have become very familiar with all aspects of WordPress issues. We're understand almost all popular plugins, page builders, themes and integrations, as well as with the issues they can cause.


Fix Woocommerce

WooCommerce specialists

 Our aim is to help you solve any WooCommerce issues your site may have, as well as your WooCommerce theme, other plugins, and often have bug fixes sorted. Look nowhere else. Get quick solution for your problem. Avoid tiring and overwhelming shopping site issues. 

One off fix, small fixes. large fixes. Hosting, Malware Protection, Backups.


Monthly plans include:

Bespoke web hosting

Our engineers can deploy your website to our custom hosting service or optionally Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services, in a global location of your choice. Features include:

  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Emails included
  • You have full control panel access
  • Managed website migration

We offer both shared cloud environments and dedicated bespoke environments.

*Hosting with us is optionalYou can also host your site elsewhere and provide us with access credentials.

Read more


Comprehensive onboarding

We have a dedicated concierge team. After a chat with you and the understanding of any urgent issues that need resolving, we'll get backups setup and tailor the onboarding process around your needs.

"Your site is important to you -- it's just as important to us. I ensure that your website is migrated smoothly onto our platform and hosting as quickly as possible." - Kevin W.

We will perform an initial manual audit of your site to check everything is running well.

If you are exploring website management options and would like an introductory call or conference call with one of the team members, please let us know.

Managed updates

We keep on top of theme and plugin updates, making sure they don't break your website. Updates are done by our expert team rather than by an automatic script. We stage major upgrades before putting them live.

Security monitoring

We constantly monitor for vulnerabilities, both in the software and plugins you use, and in the changes made to your code. That means we can ensure your website is clean of malware, and stays that way.

Multiple daily backups

We take full backups of your site and database multiple times a day, and store them securely. We keep your backups for as long as you have a subscription with us.

24/7 engineer support

Speak to an engineer, whenever you need. We are available on phones, chat and ticket, whenever you need us.

Performance optimisation

Our engineers will ensure your site is tweaked and running smoothly.

Revisions, tasks & fixes.

We specialise in the jobs that design and development agencies think are too small or don't have time for, and we do them quickly & efficiently, usually within two hours.

  • No contracts

We believe our service is good enough that you won't want to cancel, so we never tie you into a contract. None of our products have minimum terms.

  • Bulk discounts

If you have multiple websites, we can offer significant discounts for additional sites added. Add a second site and get 10% off both.

  • Money back guarantee

If we cannot fix your issue, you have not been able to get access, or you are unhappy with the service you have received, we'll refund you in full within 60 days.

  • Charity Discounts

Non-profits get 25% discount off any services. Use the discount code 'CHARITY' when signing up.

"It was like banging my head against a wall attempting to resolve an issue on my website, I asked to take a look. They quickly fixmywebsites the issue. It saved me, a lot of stress and time. Now I use them all the time, even for things I could do myself. I focus on my business, without worrying about my website. is an invaluable business tool that anyone can benefit from. And the team are awesome."

digital-marketing-strategy-saving-business-owners-thousands-each-month-shop owner
Francesca Lowes The Buzzy Store, York, UK

Task Examples

We'll do any task for you as long as it fits in with our service commitment. In general, almost everything that can be done within two hours is within scope. Ask us if you aren't sure.

Try us, and if you're not happy we'll give you your money back.

100+ More Examples
  • Fix Website Errors

Getting a white screen of death or a PHP fatal error? Our experts will diagnose & fix your problem, letting you know what caused it and why.

  • Un-Hack a Site

If your site has been defaced by a malicious third party, it is important to not only clean the infection, but to stop it from happening again. We'll remove the source of the problem, add some protection to your site, but also set you up with our backups to add another line of defence in future.

Malware cleanups require a subscription. Read why.

  • WordPress Experts

We've been running and supporting WordPress for what seems like an eternity. If you've got a problem, chances are we've seen it. If we haven't, that's like Christmas for us, so please send it our way!

  • Boost SEO

We can't make your product better, but we can review and enhance your website so that it has the best possible chance of ranking more highly on search engines. That includes things like ensuring proper code syntax, adding image alt tags and even more boring stuff we love.

  • Speed Up a Site

A slow site forces customers elsewhere. There are optimisations we can make that reduce loading times, for example by caching data to stop a site being constantly reloaded. This can cut the bounce rate on your website and improves the experience for your visitors.

  • Migrate a website

Moving a website from one host to another is simple if you know how to do it. We've done this thousands of times, and can work with you to minimise disruption, maintain data consistency, and optimise things as we go.

  • Protect from Malware

The internet isn't always a friendly place. Modern websites, especially those running open source software like WordPress, are vulnerable to exploits which can deface your website, steal data or worse. We can implement steps to stop your site being targeted.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

Subscribe monthly for ongoing maintenance, including plugin and theme updates, vulnerability scanning, unlimited fixes & tasks, daily backups and more.

We Fix All Types Of Websites | Contact Us To Chat.

Hosting, Small fixes , Large fixes, Malware Protection, Backups. Build a website. At we provide you assistance for your websites 24/7.

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our clients say...

Every business website is treated individually, because each client has unique requirement. Immediate Repairs & Fixes, Site Updates & 24/7 Phone & Chat Support For Any Website Error. Malware Protection, Optional Backups & Available Included. Trusted By 1000s Of Businesses. Quick Response. Any Website, Any Task. 24hr Assistance.

Fix Your Business Websites
Alexander Radachi

"Our company has had the amazing opportunity to have team maintain and fix our company websites in a long while, now. You give fabulous input re our plans, complete things according to the schedule we set up…and are genuinely fun , yet professional to work with. Great addon to our company services"

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Website Fix For doctors's clinic
Dr. Clara Kwase

"Your professional services are simply OUTSTANDING! Thank You all your help... I have to say, it is so wonderful that when we request that something is done on the website, you do your computer whispering, and content magically appears or disappears on the website.  You will remain an integral part of our clinic as we grow!"

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Fashion Website Fix
natasha Rushdell

"FixMyWebsites team, has done a great job with my ecommerce fashion websites, as well as my amazon affiliate website, too. They have made the technical stuff less intimidating for me. I concentrate on marketing my products , now better than ever and getting great results too! You guys are awesome!"   

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