Fully managed hosting, on top of Google or Amazon public clouds.

fixmywebsites.co.uk offers fast, reliable and fully managed web hosting, inclusive of all our site maintenance plans. We manually optimise the hosting for each website, and provide the cPanel control panel so you can self-manage.

technical specifications
Website hosting can be provided, on a monthly basis, on request. Contact us.

Bespoke Hosting: Technical Specification

We include premium hosting with our monthly maintenance plans.

Personally optimised
We ensure the hosting we provide fits your requirements perfectly. For example, we'll set up the right caching environment for your needs.
Managed migration
We take care of the full transfer in of your website and any emails, at a time and speed that suits you. We do not limit disk space or bandwidth.
cPanel control panel
The market-leading cPanel control panel is included, so you can self-manage your website files, dns and emails. We also include JetbackupSoftaculousImmunify360 & CloudLinux.

Our Care and Unlimited plans include premium shared hosting. Our Business and Enterprise plans include dedicated hosting. The shared environment is described below:

Feature Detail
Disk space SSD - unlimited disk space
Data transfer ("bandwidth") unlimited
Email accounts POP/IMAP - unlimited email accounts
Mailbox size limit 10GB per mailbox
Migrations Included
SSL certificates Included & automatic
Infrastructure provider Google Cloud PlatformWe can also deploy to AWS if desired.
Location 10+ optionsWe can deploy to any Google or Amazon datacentre location.
RAM Limit 3GB
CPU Limit 4 x CPUs
Control panel software cPanelCloudLinux
PHP versions 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3+
Backup software Jetbackup
Security features Brute-force blocking, cloud-based intelligent IP blocking, web application firewall & realtime malware scanning

Upgrade to a dedicated server

If your site(s) require more power, or an isolated environment, we can provide fully managed dedicated servers as part of our Business and Enterprise plans. These are on Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.

If you need an even more bespoke setup, please contact us

PCI Compliance
Taking card payments and need more isolation? We can set up dedicated Cloud SQL to keep databases separate.
Load testing
Need to support a specific number of visitors? We've load tested sites to millions of concurrent visitors.
Advanced caching
With a fully dedicated server we can install server-level caching and tweaks to optimise performance

Frequently asked questions

Can I use your hosting without a maintenance subscription?
No, we offer an very high level of management and maintenance to every customer. This is built into our server setup and monitoring. This is not standard hosting.

Can you move me elsewhere?
Yes. Although we can host your website we're completely happy if you want to host elsewhere. We provide hosting for free.
Can fixmywebsites.co.uk sysadmin my own servers?
No. We provide application management on any host, but we can't systems administrate a web server with another provider.
Can you migrate my site in?
Of course, we'll handle all of this under a maintenance plan.

What is your uptime?
You should never have any downtime with fixmywebsites.co.uk. Google Cloud Platform lets us offer live migrations, so even maintenance causes no disruption.

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